Painting meets Photography

Welcome to the website of Silvia & Dirk Wilke. This place has been created to give you the possibility to enjoy our artwork. Just take your time and sort through our collection of work spanning across a wide variety from painting to photography and from abstract to buildings and nature. This place is meant for you to relax and enjoy. However if you feel like wanting to buy a piece of art or if you are an art professional interested in working with us do not hesitate to contact us. Please note that all of the artwork displayed on this website is copyright by Silvia & Dirk Wilke. 

Silvia Wilke - Acryl Painting



Painting for me always is a challenge and and adventure with colours and materials at the same time. Sometimes I follow abstract ideas and sometimes I am inspired by nature. Mainly I am using acryl colours somtimes pure and sometimes in a material mix creating structures on canvas.  Occasionally I am using chalk on paper. A collection of my work is displayed on this website at "Silvia Wilke - Artwork". 




Dirk Wilke - Photography


For me Photography is a passion. As a visually guided person I look at the world continiously with the eyes of a photographer, experience the world as an eternal row of scenes, frame the pictures in my head and try to remember them if I don´t have my camera with me. A collection of what happens when I have my camera with me, which is quite often the case, is displayed on this website at "Dirk Wilke - Artwork".




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